Be Human.

Be Kind.

Be Both

My world in a nutshell

Hey Guys.

Thank you for coming to see more of my world. 

Im the Creator & Owner of Wildflower and Co Crafter at Moon & Mai Hair Accessories. My days are filled with chasing the sunrise, being a present mama (the mom guilt is real), creating beautiful things & trying to live and enjoy every moment. Im basically just a girl trying to balance being a mama, small business owner and spontaneous life enjoyer.

In Short, the dream has always been to create - to create love and life, happiness and success. 

"You can literally do anything in life,

once you put your mind to it"

Mastering my craft

As a hair artist, I have spent the last 12 years of my life, mastering my craft, exploring the worlds of editorial & fashion weeks, educating the young inspiring hair

stylists to grow with a positive outlook on our industry. 

I believe in the power of a work life balance, and being kind while in the process of growth. At the end of the day it's night time, and we all have to sleep well. 


You can do big

and scary things.

© 2020 Danielle Garner